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Experimental Radio Lab

Welcome to the CU experimental radio project. This is a stream dedicated to experimental works in audio (music, poetry, any audio-only media).

Use the players below or click the links to tune in via your own player (iTunes, WinAmp, etc.). If the stream stops, please clear your cache and refresh your browser.


high (192kbps)

medium (128kbps)

low (96kbps)

If you are interested in submitting your own works to the stream, please use our submission form.

Current Playlist:

Nothing Happens – Cole Ingraham (5:40)
OakStyle – 
Cole Ingraham (16:50)
Cole Ingraham (9:42)
Sympathetic Vibration ­­– Andrea-Jane Cornell (14:56)
Bursting BubblesBritt Wray (1:15)
Cellophane TechnoBritt Wray (2:19)
Little girl talks ChristianityBritt Wray (2:47)
Salt Pours Around a CampfireBritt Wray (:54)
Doop doopadee dabahda Ben Bentele (1:04)
Let’s Leave it at ThatBen Bentele (2:31)
CarusoWesley Goatley (3:49)
ScontriIgor Karaca (4:40)
Deserts Igor Karaca (8:50)
From the Far Away Nearby – John Drumheller (9:46)
Beyond Joanna (Take This Off Me Remix) – Nathan Wheeler (6:30)
RUST – Nathan Wheeler (3:40)
Atlantis – Nathan Wheeler (17:42)
My First Salvia TripUsama Alshaibi (7:30)
Morphine DiaryUsama Alshaibi (2:55)
Lost Rivers Music-routeSamuel Thulin (5:11)
8-Bit War Boot It UpShane Dunn (2:09)

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and conclusions expressed in this site should be considered solely those of the contributing author or artist and are not necessarily those of The Experimental Radio Lab or its employees or associates. The author or artist is solely responsible for its content.


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